Analysis of bright Taurid fireballs and their ability to produce meteorites

Madiedo, José M.; Ortiz, José L.; Trigo-Rodríguez, Josep M.; Dergham, Joan; Castro-Tirado, Alberto J.; Cabrera-Caño, Jesús; Pujols, Pep
Icarus, Volume 231, p. 356-364 (2014).


We present the analysis of five bright fireballs observed over Spain and France between 2010 and 2012. Their absolute magnitude ranged between ‑9.0 and ‑11.5. Radiant and orbital data indicate that these events were associated with the Taurid meteoroid stream. Their trajectory in the atmosphere is calculated and the heliocentric orbit of the meteoroids is obtained. The emission spectra produced by three of these fireballs are also discussed, and the chemical nature of the parent impactors is inferred, together with different physical parameters of these particles such as the meteoroid mass and tensile strength. On the basis of these results, the ability of Taurid meteoroids to produce meteorites is discussed.