Analysis of the Kinematic Structure of the Cygnus OB1 association

Costado, M. T.; Alfaro, E. J.; González, M.; Sampedro, L.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, vol. 465, issue 4, pp. 3879-3888 (2017).


The main objective of this study is the characterization of the velocity field in the Cygnus OB1 association using the radial velocity data currently available in the literature. This association is part of a larger star-forming complex located in the direction of the Cygnus region, but whose main subsystems may be distributed at different distances from the sun. We have collected radial velocity data for more than 300 stars in the area of 5 x 5 square degrees centred on the Cygnus OB1 association. We present the results of a kinematic clustering analysis in the subspace of the phase space formed by angular coordinates and radial velocity using two independent methodologies. We have found evidence of structure in the phase space with the detection of two main groups, corresponding to different radial velocity and distance values, belonging to the association, and associated with two main shells defined by the Halpha emission. A third grouping well separated from the other two in velocity appears to occupy the whole region associated with what has been called "common shell".