The broad band spectral properties of SgrA* . The fate of the dusty object approaching the center

Eckart, A.; Mužić, K.; Yazici, S.; Sabha, N.; Shahzamanian, B.; Witzel, G.; Moser, L.; Garcia-Marin, M.; Valencia-S., M.; Jalali, B.; Bremer, M.; Straubmeier, C.; Rauch, C.; Buchholz, R.; Kunneriath, D.; Moultaka, J.
Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana, v.84, p.618 (2013).


The super-massive 4 million solar mass black hole (SMBH) SgrA* shows flare emission from the millimeter to the X-ray domain. A flare analysis in the framework of a Synchrotron Self Compton (SSC) mechanism shows that a scenario in which the infrared flares are explained by synchrotron emission and the associated X-ray flares are produced via SSC emission can also explain the variability spectrum observed in the sub-millimeter radio domain. In September 2013 a dust object will pass by SgrA* giving hope for extraordinary flare events that will tell us more about the accretion and radiation mechanism close to the super massive black hole.