BVR photometric study of NSVS 2607629. A high mass-ratio W-type W UMa system

Gürol, Birol; Michel, Raul
New Astronomy, Volume 51, p. 128-134 (2017).


We present the results of our investigation of the geometrical and physical parameters of the W UMa-type binary system NSVS 2607629 based on CCD BVRc light curves and their analysis with the Wilson-Devinney code. New times of minima and light elements have been determined. We find that, as seen in eccentric systems, secondary minima do not occur at phase 0.5. According to our solution, the system is found to be a high mass-ratio W-type W UMa system. Combining our photometric solution with the emprical relation obtained for W UMa type systems by Dimitrov and Kjurkchieva (2015) we derive the masses and radii of the components of this eclipsing system as M1 = 0.44M , M2 = 0.73M , R1 = 0.57R and R2 = 0.71R . The evolutionary state of the system is also discussed.