CCD UBV(RI)C and 2MASS photometry of seven open clusters

Akkaya Oralhan, İ.; Michel, R.
Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana, v.87, p.671 (2016).


Fundamental astrophysical parameters have been derived for Be 45, Be 55, Di 07, Feib 01, Ki 02, NGC 457 and NGC 1548 open clusters (OCs) using CCD U BV (RI)_C photometric data and PPMXL database. CCD U BV (RI)_C photometric data observed with the 84 cm telescope at the San Pedro Mártir National Astronomical Observatory (SPMO), México. The cluster members and field stars in the cluster regions have separated through their Proper Motion (PM) vector point diagrams. We have used JH{Ks} photometry of 2MASS data taken from PPMXL catalogue to have stellar Radial Density Profile (RDP) and determine limit radius of these seven clusters. Five different Color-Magnitude diagrams ane one color-color diagram have been used together with Padova isochrones and intrinsic-colour calibrations to obtain reddenings, metallicities, distance moduli, and ages for these seven clusters.