CdC-SF: Proper motion catalogue from Carte du Ciel plates, San Fernando Zone

Vicente, B.; Abad, C.
XII Latin American IAU Regional Meeting (Eds. G. Magris, G. Bruzual, & L. Carigi) Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica (Serie de Conferencias) Vol. 35, pp. 121-122 (2009)


We present an astrometric catalogue of positions and proper motions derived from the Carte du Ciel plates of the San Fernando zone, photographic material with a mean epoch 1901.4 with a limiting magnitude V ˜ 15. Digitization has been made using a conventional flatbed scanner. Special techniques have been developed to handle the combination of plate material and the large distortion introduced by the scanner. A variety of post-scan corrections are shown to be necessary. The equatorial coordinates are on the ICRS system defined by Tycho-2. Comparison with the reference catalog indicates external errors of 0''.2. The UCAC2 Catalogue was used as second-epoch positions to derive proper motions with a mean accuracy of 1.2 mas/year for the proper motions for well-measure stars.