Design of the calibration unit for the WEAVE multi-object spectrograph at the WHT

Domínquez, Lilian; Cano, Diego; O'Mahony, Neil; Martín, Carlos; Picó, Sergio; Benn, Chris; Trager, Scott; Lhomé, Émilie; Ridings, Andy; Fariña, Cecilia; Abrams, D. C.; Balcells, Marc; Irwin, Mike; Lewis, Jim; Dalton, Gavin; Aguerri, J. A.; Bonifacio, P.; Vallenari, A.; Carrasco, E.
Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 9908, id. 99088R 14 pp. (2016).


WEAVE is the next-generation spectroscopic facility for the William Herschel Telescope (WHT), offering multi-object (1000 fibres) and integral-field spectroscopy at two resolutions (R 5000, 20000) over a 2-deg field of view at prime focus. WEAVE will (mainly) provide optical follow up of ground-based (LOFAR) and space-based (GAIA) surveys. First light is expected in mid 2018. Here, we describe the calibration unit, which will be adapted from an existing unit for the AF2+WYFFOS spectrograph (WEAVE's precursor) at the WHT. We summarise the results from a thorough characterisation of current performance (e.g. intensity, stability and focal-plane coverage of illumination as a function of lamp type and wavelength). We then set out our plans for upgrading the unit and its control systems to meet the WEAVE science and operational requirements. We conclude from this assessment that the upgraded AF2+WYFFOS calibration unit will meet the requirements for WEAVE. The design of the WEAVE calibration unit is now complete.