First multicolor photometry of 1SWASP J130111.22+420214.0 and 1SWASP J231839.72+352848.2

Ulaş, B.; Michel, R.; Silva, S.
New Astronomy, Volume 63, p. 61-64. (2018).


The first multicolor observations and light curve solutions of the stars 1SWASP J130111.22+420214.0 and 1SWASP J231839.72+352848.2 are presented. The estimated physical parameters of 1SWASP J130111.22+420214.0 are M1 = 1.0M , M2 = 1.63M, R1 = 0.77R , R2 = 0.91R , L1 = 0.59L , and L2 = 0.68L . While a binary model could not be fitted to the light curve of 1SWASP J231839.72+352848.2, its Fourier series representation indicates that this system could well be a rotating ellipsoidal variable. The components of 1SWASP J130111.22+420214.0 are also compared to other well-known binary systems and their position in mass-radius plane and the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram are argued and possible evolutionary statuses are discussed.