Galactic Astronomy with OTELO

Alfaro, E. J., Cepa, J., Gallego, J., González-Serrano, J., González, J., and Sánchez-Portal, M.
Science with the GTC (Eds. José Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa, Francisco Garzón López, and Verónica Melo Martín) Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica (Serie de Conferencias) Vol. 16, pp. 255-256 (2003)


OTELO (OSIRIS Tunable Emission Line Object survey) is a project aimed at studying the low end luminosity function of emission line galaxies. A broad band survey at B ≈ 24 magnitudes detection level will also be performed for a field of view of about 14 square degrees corresponding to the lowest selected redshift (z = 0.08). This huge amount of data will contain invaluable information about the stellar content of a deep portion of our own Galaxy. In this contribution we revise different Galactic projects in which these data could provide new and important insights into classical and new Galactic questions.