The Galactic O Star Catalog v.2.0

Sota, A.; Maíz-Apellániz, J.; Walborn, N. R.; Shida, R. Y.
Massive Stars: Fundamental Parameters and Circumstellar Interactions (Eds. P. Benaglia, G. L. Bosch, & C. E. Cappa) Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica (Serie de Conferencias) Vol. 33, pp. 56-56 (2008)


The advent of internet search engines and databases is producing a revolution in astronomy. However, when one compares data from widely diverse sources, the possibility exists that good quality results and poorer ones are being mixed. One of the fields where this danger is more apparent is spectral classification, a subject where lower quality data or the technique of the observer can easily introduce systematic and random errors.