The Galactic O-Star Spectral Survey (GOSSS) Project status and first results

Sota, Alfredo; Maíz Apellániz, Jesús; Barbá, Rodolfo H.; Walborn, Nolan R.; Alfaro, Emilio J.; Gamen, Roberto C.; Morrell, Nidia I.; Arias, Julia I.; Penadés Ordaz, Miguel
Société Royale des Sciences de Liège, Bulletin, vol. 80, p. 519-523 (Proceedings of the 39th Liège Astrophysical Colloquium, held in Liège 12-16 July 2010, edited by G. Rauw, M. De Becker, Y. Nazé, J.-M. Vreux, P. Williams)


The Galactic O-Star Spectroscopic Survey (GOSSS) is a project that is observing all known Galactic O stars with B < 13 (˜2000 objects) in the blue-violet part of the spectrum with R˜2500. It also includes two companion surveys (a spectroscopic one at R˜1500 and a high resolution imaging one). It is based on v2.0 of the Galactic O star catalog (v1, Maíz-Apellániz et al. 2004; v2, Sota et al. 2008). We have completed the first part of the main project. Here we present results on the first 400 objects of the sample.