The GALANTE Photometric System

Lorenzo-Gutiérrez, A.; Alfaro, E. J.; Maíz Apellániz, J.; Barbá, R. H.; Marín-Franch, A.; Ederoclite, A.; Cristóbal-Hornillos, D.; Varela, J.; Vázquez Ramió, H.; Cenarro, J.; Lennon, D. J.; García-Lario, P.
eprint arXiv:1904.01577


This paper describes the characterization of the GALANTE photometric system, a seven intermediate- and narrow-band filter system with a wavelength coverage from 3000 $\r{A}$ to 9000 $\r{A}$ . We describe the photometric system presenting the full sensitivity curve as a product of the filter sensitivity, CCD, telescope mirror, and atmospheric transmission curves, as well as some first- and second-order moments of this sensitivity function. The GALANTE photometric system is composed of four filters from the J-PLUS photometric system, a twelve broad-to-narrow filter system, and three exclusive filters, specifically designed to measure the physical parameters of stars such as effective temperature $T_{\rm eff}$, $\log(g)$, metallicity, colour excess $E(4405-5495)$, and extinction type $R_{5495}$. Two libraries, the Next Generation Spectral Library (NGSL) and the one presented in Ma\'iz Apell\'aniz & Weiler (2018), have been used to determine the transformation equations between the Sloan Digital Sky Survey ($\textit{SDSS}$) $\textit{ugriz}$ photometry and the GALANTE photometric system. We will use this transformation to calibrate the zero points of GALANTE images. To this end, a preliminary photometric calibration of GALANTE has been made based on two different $\textit{griz}$ libraries ($\textit{SDSS}$ DR12 and ATLAS All-Sky Stellar Reference Catalog, hereinafter $\textit{RefCat2}$). A comparison between both zero points is performed leading us to the choice of $\textit{RefCat2}$ as the base catalogue for this calibration, and applied to a field in the Cyg OB2 association.