The GaLAxy Cluster Evolution Survey (GLACE): overview and status report

Sánchez-Portal, M.; Pintos-Castro, I.; Pérez-Martínez, R.; Cepa, J.; Bongiovanni, A.; Ederoclite, A.; Pérez García, A. M.; González-Serrano, J. I.; Alfaro, E. J.; The Glace Team
Fourth Science Meeting with the GTC (Eds. C. Muñoz-Tuñón & J. M. Rodríguez-Espinosa) Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica (Serie de Conferencias) Vol. 42, pp. 44-46 (2013).


Aimed at understanding the evolution of galaxies in clusters, the GLACE survey is mapping a set of key optical lines in several galaxy clusters at z~0.40, 0.63 and 0.85, using the Tunable Filters (TF) of the OSIRIS instrument. This study will address key questions about the physical processes acting upon the infalling galaxies during the course of hierarchical growth of clusters.