GRB 000528 optical observations.

Jensen, B. L., Hjorth, J., Pedersen, H., Gorosabel, J., Aguerri, J. A. L., and Kaas, A. A.
GRB Coordinates Network, 674, 1 (2000)


"We have imaged the error circle of GRB 000528 (Piro & Gandolfi, BeppoSAX Mail ## 00/10, 00/11) with the 2.5-m Nordic Optical Telescope. Two 300-s R-band exposures were obtained with ALFOSC on 28.90 May 2000 UT. The data were obtained at high (2.7) airmass but in fairly good seeing (1.4" FWHM) and reach a limiting magnitude of about R = 22.3. No obvious candidate optical counterpart to GRB 000528 is found down to a limit of R ~ 21.5 by comparison with the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS-2, AAO SES red). The NOT image is posted at ."