GRB 010214, optical observations.

Gorosabel, J., Fynbo, J. P. U., Jensen, B. L., Pedersen, H., Hjorth, J., Andersen, M. I., Aksnes, K., Grav, T., Holman, M., Kaas, A. A., and Abbott, T.
GRB Coordinates Network, 972, 1 (2001)


"We have examined the variable optical sources reported by Rol et al. (GCN #955) in our NOT images taken on Feb 16.24 UT (GCN #949). We report the following preliminary magnitudes assuming R = 18.4 for the USNO-A2.0 catalog star U1350_09300715 (GCN #955).

             Date(UT)             Filter         Magnitude
   Object 1  Feb 16.24         R             22.88 +-0.22
   Object 2  Feb 16.24         R             23.01 +-0.22

These values are consistent with the magnitudes found on Feb 15.26 (GCN #955)."