GRB 010214, optical observations.

Gorosabel, J., Fynbo, J. P. U., Jensen, B. L., Pedersen, H., Hjorth, J., Andersen, M. I., Aksnes, K., Grav, T., Holman, M., Kaas, A. A., and Abbott, T.
GRB Coordinates Network, 949, 1 (2001)


"Using the 2.56-m Nordic Optical Telescope (+ALFOSC), La Palma, we have obtained R-band imaging of GRB 010214 (Gandolfi et al. GCN #932), starting ~20 and ~45 hours after the burst:

          UT                  Filter          Exp.time           Seeing            Limit
2001 Feb 15.22          R             6x300s           1.2" FWHM        R~21.3
2001 Feb 16.24          R             6x300s           0.9" FWHM        R~23.5

No candidate GRB counterpart is detected inside the 1.5' SAX/NFI error-circle (Gandolfi et al. GCN #937) to R~21.3.

The possible infrared candidate reported by Paola et al. (GCN #939) is detected at R~22.1 in the Feb 16 image.
We find no object at the position of the possible optical candidate reported by Zhu and Xue (GCN #938)."