GRB 020124 optical observations.

Gorosabel, J., Hjorth, J., Pursimo, T., Kaas, A. A., Fynbo, J., Moller, P., Jensen, B. L., Pedersen, H., and Andersen, M. I.
GRB Coordinates Network, 1224, 1 (2002)


6 x 600 sec R-band images of the possible optical afterglow (Price et al., GCN #1221) of GRB 020124 (Ricker et al., GCN #1220) were obtained with StanCam at the 2.5-m Nordic Optical Telescope between Jan 26.035 and Jan 26.076 2002 UT. A faint object located at RA(J2000) = 09:32:50.83, Dec(J2000)= -11:31:11.0 (+- 0.74", based on USNO-A2.0) is consistent with the position reported by Price et al. Based on the same reference star as that used by Price et al. we find a preliminary magnitude of R = 23.84 +/- 0.17 for the object. A finding chart is posted at