GRB 060807: afterglow confirmation.

Malesani, D.; Fynbo, J.; Piranomonte, S.; Djupvik, A.
GRB Coordinates Network, Circular Service, 5424, 1 (2006)


We have performed relative photometry between the NOT (Fynbo et al., GCN  5420) and VLT (Malesani et al., GCN 5422) R-band images of GRB 060807 (De Pasquale et al., GCN 5409).

We find that the object indicated by Fynbo et al. (GCN 5420) dimmed by  0.61 +- 0.06 mag between 6.69 and 8.93 hr after the GRB. This confirms that the object was indeed the optical afterglow of GRB 060807. Assuming
a power-law time dependence F(t) propto t^-alpha, the inferred decay index is quite steep: alpha = 1.9 +- 0.2.

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