GRB100115A: revision of NOT observation.

Jelinek, M.; Kubanek, P.; Gorosabel, J.; Delgado, A. J.
GRB Coordinates Network, Circular Service, 10331, 1 (2010)


In light of the new XRT improved position we reexamined the NOT image from our previous report (Jelinek et al., GCN 10329) and found that only the (extended) object A at 00:13:28.12 -00:49:32.6 +-2" (J2000) stays within the XRT errorbox and may be possibly related to the GRB100115A, either as its afterglow, host galaxy or a combination of both.

The improved identification card can be downloaded from

We thank Alex Kann for pointing out the new XRT position.

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