The imaging and slitless spectroscopy instrument for surveys (ISSIS) for the world space observatory-ultraviolet (WSO-UV)

Gómez de Castro, Ana I.; Maíz, Jesús; Rodriguez, Pablo; Gómez, Maite; Larruquert, Juan A.; Méndez, José A.; Belenguer, Tomas; Rodrigo-Gudiel, Victor; López-Martínez, Fátima; Sestito, Paola
Astrophysics and Space Science, Vol. 335, No. 1, p. 283-289


ISSIS is the Imaging and Slitless Spectroscopy Instrument for the World Space Observatory-Ultraviolet (WSO-UV) mission. ISSIS is a multipurpose instrument designed to carry out high resolution (<0.1 arcsec) imaging in the far UV with fields of view ≥2×2 arcmin2. ISSIS has two acquisition channels: the High Sensitivity Channel (HSC) and the Channel for Surveys (CfS). The HSC is equipped with an MCP-type detector to guarantee high sensitivity in the 1150-1750 Å range and high rejection of lower energy radiation. The CfS is equipped with a large CCD detector (4k×4k) to obtain images from the far UV to the red (1150-8500 Å); the CfS is implemented to allow observing UV bright sources such as reflection nebulae or nearby massive star forming regions. The design drivers and the current status of the instrument are described in this contribution.