ISOCAM Observations of Nearby Star Formation Regions

Olofsson, G., Kaas, A. A., Bontemps, S., Nordh, L., Huldtgren, M., Abergel, A., André, P., Boulanger, F., Burgdorf, M., Cabrit, S., Casali, M. M., Cesarsky, C. J., Copet, E., Davies, J., Falgarone, E., Montmerle, T., Perault, M., Persi, P., Prusti, T., Puget, J. L., and Sibille, F.
Star formation from the small to the large scale. ESLAB symposium (33 : 1999 : Noordwijk, The Netherlands). Edited by F. Favata, A. Kaas, and A. Wilson. Proceedings of the 33rd ESLAB symposium on star formation from the small to the large scale, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 2-5 November 1999 Noordwijk, The Netherlands: European Space Agency (ESA), 2000. ESA SP 445., p.201


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