A kinematic analysis of the Giant star-forming Region of N11

Torres-Flores, Sergio; Barbá, Rodolfo; Maíz Apellániz, Jesús; Rubio, Mónica; Bosch, Guillermo
Galaxies in 3D across the Universe, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Volume 309, pp. 153-154 (2015).


In this work we present high resolution spectroscopic data of the giant star-forming region of N11, obtained with the GIRAFFE instrument at the Very Large Telescope. By using this data set, we find that most of the Hα emission lines profiles in this complex can be fitted by a single Gaussian, however, multiple emission line profiles can be observed in the central region of N11. By adding all the spectra, we derive the integrated Hα profile of this complex, which displays a width (σ) of about 12 km s-1(corrected by instrumental and thermal width). We find that a single Gaussian fit on the integrated Hα profile leaves remaining wings, which can be fitted by a secondary broad Gaussian component. In addition, we find high velocity features, which spatially correlate with soft diffuse X-ray emission.