Kinematics of Gould's Belt: Model and Observations

Alfaro, E. J., Moreno, E., and Franco, J.
Astrophysics and Space Science, v. 272, Issue 1/3, p. 53-59 (2000).


Using the available data for nearby stars we derive the velocity ellipsoid of dwarf O-B5.5 stars belonging to the Gould Belt (GB). The resulting vertex deviation for the whole sample is negative (l ~ -70^°) and this value is modified to l~ 20^° when the members of the Pleiades moving group are removed from the sample. This implies the existence of, at least, two different kinematic groups defining the GB system. We also model the evolution of a supershell in the solar neighborhood, and obtain a fit to the shape and kinematics of the gas in GB. Assuming that the expanding shell is also forming stars, we obtain the corresponding velocity fields for the shell and its newly formed stars. The average vertex deviation value resulting from these models for the new stars is l~ 20^°, and is consistent with the observed value when the Pleiades moving group members are excluded from the GB.