L1551 ISOCAM observations (Galfalk+, 2004)

Galfalk, M., Olofsson, G., Kaas, A. A., Olofsson, S., Bontemps, S., Nordh, L., Abergel, A., Andre, P., Boulanger, F., Burgdorf, M., Casali, M. M., Cesarsky, C. J., Davies, J., Falgarone, E., Montmerle, T., Perault, M., Persi, P., Prusti, T., Puget, J. L., and Sibille, F.
VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/A+A/420/945. Originally published in: 2004A&A...420..945G


Six regions (total area 0.122sq.deg.) were observed 26 27 September 1997 with ISOCAM, avoiding the mid-IR bright regions around IRS 5/NE and HL/XZ Tau due to saturation problems. The B, V, and I observations were carried out on 1 and 3 December 2001 using the ALFOSC instrument (Andalucia Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera) mounted on the 2.56m NOT telescope.

(2 data files).