A Multi-Membership Catalogue for 1876 Open Clusters using UCAC4 data

Sampedro, L.; Dias, W. S.; Alfaro, E. J.; Monteiro, H.; Molino, A.
eprint arXiv:1706.05581


The main objective of this work is to determine the cluster members of 1876 open clusters, using positions and proper motions of the astrometric catalogue UCAC4. For this purpose we apply three different methods, all them based on a Bayesian approach, but with different formulations: a purely parametric method, another completely non-parametric algorithm, and a third, recently developed by Sampedro & Alfaro, using both formulations at different steps of the whole process. The first and second statistical moments of the members phase-space subspace, obtained after applying the three methods, are compared for every cluster. Although, on average, the three methods yield similar results, specific differences between them, as well as for some particular clusters, are also present. The comparison with other published catalogues shows good agreement. We have also estimated for the first time the mean proper motion for a sample of 18 clusters. The results are organized in a single catalogue formed by two main files, one with the most relevant information for each cluster, partially including that in UCAC4, and the other showing the individual membership probabilities for each star in the cluster area. The final catalogue, with an interface design that enables an easy interaction with the user, is available in electronic format at SSG-IAA ( website.