Near-IR polarimetry of Galactic center sources (Buchholz+, 2013)

Buchholz, R. M.; Witzel, G.; Schodel, R.; Eckart, A.
VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/A+A/557/A82. Originally published in: 2013A&A...557A..82B (2013).


This table contains the H-, Ks-, and Lp-band polarization of sources in the Galactic Center. For each source, the offset in Right Ascension and Declination as well as the projected distance from Sgr A* are given (in arcsec). The table also lists the source brightness in magnitudes in the H-, Ks-, and Lp-band for orientation. This table contains the data obtained in our previous study, Buchholz et al. 2011 (J/A+A/534/A117), in addition to the new results. Not every source is contained in all data-sets (one H-band, three Ks-band with different fields-of-view, one Lp-band). Entries with the value " - " indicate that the source is not contained in the respective data-set. Polarization degrees are given in percent, polarization angles in degrees. The data is combined from different epochs, so a small number of very fast moving sources may be listed separately for each data-set.

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