New PMS spectroscopic binaries in Orion (Covino+ 2001)

Covino, E., Melo, C., Alcala, J. M., Torres, G., Fernandez, M., Frasca, A., and Paldino, R.
VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/A+A/375/130. Originally published in: 2001A&A...375..130C


Table 2 contains the heliocentric radial velocity data versus Heliocentric Julian Day for six X-ray selected double-lined spectroscopic binaries in Orion. Of these, the four systems RXJ 0529.4+0041, RXJ 0530.7-0434, RXJ 0532.1-0732, and RXJ 0541.4-0324 are pre-main sequence systems. Table 3 contains the radial velocity data for the third components of the spectroscopic systems RXJ 0441.0-0839, RXJ 0529.4+0041, and RXJ 0532.1-0732 (3 data files).