NGC 2548: clumpy spatial and kinematic structure in an intermediate-age galactic cluster

Vicente, Belén; Sánchez, Nestor; Alfaro, Emilio J.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 461, Issue 3, p.2519-2526 (2016).


NGC 2548 is a ˜400-500 Myr old open cluster with evidence of spatial substructures likely caused by its interaction with the Galactic disc. In this work we use precise astrometric data from the Carte du Ciel - San Fernando (CdC-SF) catalogue to study the clumpy structure in this cluster. We confirm the fragmented structure of NGC 2548 but, additionally, the relatively high precision of our kinematic data lead us to the first detection of substructures in the proper motion space of a stellar cluster. There are three spatially separated cores each of which has its own counterpart in the proper motion distribution. The two main cores lie nearly parallel to the Galactic plane whereas the third one is significantly fainter than the others and it moves towards the Galactic plane separating from the rest of the cluster. We derive core positions and proper motions, as well as the stars belonging to each core.