OB associations in IC 1613 (Garcia+, 2009)

García, M.; Herrero, A.; Vicente, B.; Castro, N.; Corral, L. J.; Rosenberg, A.; Monelli, M.
VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/A+A/502/1015. Originally published in: 2009A&A...502.1015G


From observations taken with the Wide Field Camera (WFC) at the Isaac Newton Telescope (INT), we have built an astrometric and photometric catalogue of stars in IC 1613. Candidate blue massive stars are preselected by their colors. A friends-of-friends algorithm is developed to find their clustering in the galaxy. While a common physical origin for all the members of the associations cannot be ensured, this is a necessary first step to place candidate OB stars in a population context.

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