Photometric Observations of Supernova 2013cq Associated with GRB 130427A

Becerra, R. L.; Watson, A. M.; Lee, W. H.; Fraija, N.; Butler, N. R.; Bloom, J. S.; Capone, J. I.; Cucchiara, A.; de Diego, J. A.; Fox, O. D.; Gehrels, N.; Georgiev, L. N.; González, J. J.; Kutyrev, A. S.; Littlejohns, O. M.; Prochaska, J. X.; Ramirez-Ruiz, E.; Richer, M. G.; Román-Zúñiga, C. G.; Toy, V. L.; Troja, E.
The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 837, Issue 2, article id. 116, 23 pp. (2017).


We observed the afterglow of GRB 130427A with the Reionization and Transients Infrared Camera (RATIR) instrument on the 1.5 m Harold L. Johnson telescope of the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional in Sierra San Pedro Mártir. Our homogenous griZY JH photometry extends from the night of the burst to three years later. We fit a model for the afterglow. There is a significant positive residual that matches the behavior of SN 1998bw in the griZ filters; we suggest that this is a photometric signature of the supernova SN 2013cq associated with the Gamma-ray burst. The peak absolute magnitude of the supernova is {M}r=-18.43+/- 0.11.