The photon-index - time-lag correlation in black-hole X-ray binaries

Reig, Pablo; Kylafis, Nikolaos D.; Papadakis, Iossif E.; Costado, Maria Teresa
eprint arXiv:1710.04810


We have performed a timing and spectral analysis of a set of black-hole binaries to study the correlation between the photon index and the time lag of the hard photons with respect to the soft ones. We provide further evidence that the timing and spectral properties in black-hole X-ray binaries are coupled. In particular, we find that the average time lag increases as the X-ray emission becomes softer. Although a correlation between the hardness of the X-ray spectrum and the time (or phase) lag has been reported in the past for a handful of systems, our study confirms that this correlated behaviour is a global property of black-hole X-ray binaries. We also demonstrate that the photon-index - time-lag correlation can be explained as a result of inverse Comptonization in a jet.