Physical parameters of pre-main sequence stars in open clusters.

Delgado, A. J.; Alfaro, E. J.; Yun, J. L. 
VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/A+A/531/A141. Originally published in: 2011A&A...531A.141D


Photometric colors in the UBVRI system for 27040 stars, in the fields of 11 Young Open Clusters. The membership and physical parameters are listed. For MS and post MS candidate members, only the mass value is listed. It is calculated from comparison to ZAMS and isochrones by Girardi et al. (2002A&A...391..195G). For PMS candidate members, the age, mass, luminosity, and effective temperature are listed as obtained from comparison to four PMS model isochrones: D'Antona and Mazzitelli (1997MmSAI..68..807D), Palla and Stahler (1999ApJ...525..772P), Siess et al. (2000A&A...358..593S), and Yi et al. (2001ApJS..136..417Y).

(2 data files).