The PMS Eclipsing Binary RXJ 0529.4+0041

Covino, E., Catalano, S., Frasca, A., Marilli, E., Alcalá, J. M., Fernández, M., Melo, C., Paladino, R., and Stelzer, B.
The Formation of Binary Stars, Proceedings of IAU Symp. 200, held 10-15 April 2000, in Potsdam, Germany, Edited by Hans Zinnecker and Robert D. Mathieu, 2001, p. 468.


We report the discovery of the first low--mass pre--main sequence eclipsing binary among a sample of double-lined spectroscopic binaries in the Orion star forming region found in a previous high-resolution spectroscopic investigation on ROSAT--discovered weak-T Tauri stars. Here we present the preliminary results from the combined analysis of the spectroscopic orbit and B and V light--curves, using data available till spring 2000. We then compare the fundamental stellar parameters derived from the orbital solution with those inferred from some widely used theoretical evolutionary models.