Quantitative Stellar Spectral Classification. III. Spectral Resolution

Garcia, J., Stock, J., Stock, M. J., and Sánchez, N.
Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica Vol. 41, pp. 31-40 (2005


The method developed by Stock & Stock (1999) to derive absolute magnitudes and intrinsic colors is applied to simulated low-resolution spectra. The simulation is made by convolving real spectra with a Gaussian function, with σ (the full width at half maximum) related to the final spectral resolution. The accuracy with which the stellar parameters are determined indicates that the method may be applied to typical objective-prism spectra. We show that changes in the spectral resolution do not significantly affect the stellar parameters obtained with this method for early-type stars, whereas for later-type stars an improved approach is necessary.