Quantitative Stellar Spectral Classification. IV. Application to the Open Cluster IC 2391

García, J., Sánchez, N., Velásquez, R.
Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica Vol. 45, pp. 13-24 (2009)


In this work we perform the first test of a stellar spectral classification method (Stock & Stock 1999) by applying it to early type stars. The sample of stars are the members of the open cluster IC 2391 that have high-resolution spectra available in the UVES Project of Paranal Observatory. We show that, in general, absolute magnitudes M_V and intrinsic colors (B-V)_0 can be recovered within the uncertainties stated in the original calibration (˜ 0.4 for the magnitudes and ˜ 0.03 for the colors). This accuracy allows us to estimate distances and to infer membership of individual stars to obtain an average distance to the cluster of 156+/-24 pc, which is in good agreement with previously reported determinations. Finally, we identify and discuss the real strengths and limitations of this method and we suggest how it can be improved for future studies.