The quest for magnetic massive stars in the Magellanic Clouds

Nazé, Y.; Bagnulo, S.; Walborn, N. R.; Morrell, N.; Wade, G. A.; Szymanski, M. K.; Townsend, R. H. D.
The Lives and Death-Throes of Massive Stars, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Volume 329, pp. 430-430 (2017).


The Of?p category was introduced more than 40 years ago to gather several Galactic stars with some odd properties. Since 2000, spectropolarimetry, high-resolution spectroscopy, long-term photometry, and X-ray observations have revealed their nature: magnetic oblique rotators - they all have magnetic fields that confine their winds. Several Of?p stars have now been detected in the Magellanic Clouds, likely the prototypes of magnetic massive stars at low metallicity. This contribution will present the most recent photometric, spectroscopic, and spectropolarimetric data, along with the first modeling of these objects.