R CrA ISOCAM observations (Olofsson+, 1999)

Olofsson, G., Huldtgren, M., Kaas, A. A., Bontemps, S., Nordh, L., Abergel, A., Andre, P., Boulanger, F., Burgdorf, M., Casali, M. M., Cesarsky, C. J., Davies, J., Falgarone, E., Montmerle, T., Perault, M., Persi, P., Prusti, T., Puget, J. L., and Sibille, F.
VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/A+A/350/883. Originally published in: 1999A&A...350..883O


The results of an ISOCAM survey of the R CrA star formation region are presented. The survey was carried out in two broad-band filters, LW2 (5-8.5μm) and LW3 (12-18μm). Although it was not possible to map the densest, central region due to saturation problems, 21 sources were identified which showed mid-IR excesses. Most of these sources have not previously been recognised as YSOs (Young Stellar Objects), mainly because they are relatively faint. We find evidence for a population of very low mass stars which are probably brown dwarfs in their early contraction phases. (3 data files).