RXJ 0529.4+0041: a low-mass pre-main sequence eclipsing-spectroscopic binary

Covino, E., Catalano, S., Frasca, A., Marilli, E., Fernández, M., Alcalá, J. M., Melo, C., Paladino, R., Sterzik, M. F., and Stelzer, B.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.361, p.L49-L52 (2000)


We report the discovery of a low-mass pre-main sequence eclipsing system among a sample of double-lined spectroscopic binaries found recently on the basis of ROSAT follow-up observations in the Orion star forming region. From the analysis of the available photometric and spectroscopic data, we derive orbital elements as well as fundamental stellar parameters for the individual components of the eclipsing PMS binary RXJ 0529.4+0041. These results provide a new observational test for theoretical PMS evolutionary models setting some useful constraints on currently available PMS tracks and isochrones. Based on observations carried out with the 2.2m telescope of Calar Alto Observatory (Spain), the Swiss Euler telescope (La Silla--Chile), the 0.9m telescope of Serra La Nave (Catania, Italy)