Searching for short-period variable stars in the direction of Coma Berenices and Upgren 1 open clusters: Melotte 111 AV 1224 a new eclipsing binary star

Fox Machado, L.; Michel, R.; Alvarez, M.; Peña, J. H.
New Astronomy, Volume 34, p. 187-194. (2015).


We report the results of CCD photometric observations in the direction of the Coma Berenices and Upgren 1 open clusters with the aim at searching for new short-period variable stars. A total of 35 stars were checked for variability. As a result of this search the star designated in the SIMBAD database as Melotte 111 AV 1224 was found to be a new eclipsing binary star. Follow-up Strömgren photometric and spectroscopic observations allowed us to derive the spectral type, distance, reddening and effective temperature of the star. A preliminary analysis of the binary light curve was performed and the parameters of the orbital system were derived. From the derived physical parameters we conclude that Melotte 111 AV 1224 is most likely a W-UMa eclipsing binary that is not a member of the Coma Berenices open cluster. On other hand, we did not find evidence of brightness variations in the stars NSV 5612 and NSV 5615 previously catalogued as variable stars in Coma Berenices open cluster.