SGR 1834.9-0846/ GRB 110807A, i-band observations.

Tello, J. C.; Sota, A.; Castro-Tirado, A. J.
GRB Coordinates Network, Circular Service, 12272, 1 (2011)


"We observed SGR 1834.9-0846/ GRB 110807A detected by Swift/BAT (D'Elia et al., GCNC 12253, Barthelmy, GCN 12259) with the OSN 1.5m telescope. I-band frames were obtained on 7 Aug, starting 16 min after the gamma-ray detection (i.e. simultaneously to the BTA Rc-band observations, Moskvitin et al., GCNC 12254). Neither on the single I-band images (10s exposure time each) nor on the co-added frames, taken between 20:14 and 21:48 UT, with total exposure 4820 sec, an object is detected within the Swift/XRT error box. The limiting magnitude for the combined image is I = 21.6 (calibrated against USNO B1.0)."

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