Spectra of HD 120678 (Gamen+, 2012)

Gamen, R.; Arias, J. I.; Barba, R. H.; Morrell, N. I.; Walborn, N. R.; Sota, A.; Maíz Apellániz, J.; Alfaro, E. J.
VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/A+A/546/A92. Originally published in: 2012A&A...546A..92G


We observed the spectrum of HD 120678 from the Complejo Astronomico El Leoncito (CASLEO) in Argentina, as well as from the La Silla (ESO) and Las Campanas (LCO) Observatories in Chile, during several nights between May 2006 and September 2011. Most of the observations were obtained with the echelle spectrographs attached to the 2m class telescopes of these observatories. Three additional spectrograms were taken with the MIKE spectrograph at the 6.5m LCO/Magellan II (Clay) telescope. Two more spectrograms were obtained with the Boller & Chivens (B&C) spectrograph attached to the 2.5m LCO/du Pont telescope in the context of the GOSSS project. The 10 spectra are shown in the Figure 1.

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