A Spectroscopic and Photometric Survey for Pre-Main Sequence Binaries

Guenther, E. W., Joergens, V., Neuhäuser, R., Torres, G., Batalha, N. S., Vijapurkar, J., Fernández, M., and Mundt, R.
The Formation of Binary Stars, Proceedings of IAU Symp. 200, held 10-15 April 2000, in Potsdam, Germany, Edited by Hans Zinnecker and Robert D. Mathieu, 2001, p. 165.


We give here an overview of the current state of our survey for pre-main sequence spectroscopic binaries. Up to now we have taken 739 spectra of 250 pre-main sequence stars. We find that 8% of the stars show significant radial velocity variations, and are thus most likely spectroscopic binaries. In addition to the targets showing radial velocity variations, 6% of the targets are double-lined spectroscopic binaries i.e., the total fraction of spectroscopic binaries is expected to be about 14%. All short-period SB2s are monitored photometrically in order to search for eclipses. An eclipsing SB2 would allow the direct measurement of the masses of both stellar components. Measurements of the stellar masses together with determinations of the stellar radii are a crucial test of evolutionary tracks of pre-main sequence stars.