Stellar Exotica in 47 Tucanae

Knigge, C.; Dieball, A.; Maíz-Apellániz, J.; Long, K. S.; Zurek, D. R.; Shara, Mike M.
Dynamical Evolution of Dense Stellar Systems, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, IAU Symposium, Volume 246, p. 321-325


We have used far-ultraviolet spectroscopy and broad-band photometry to identify and study dynamically-formed stellar exotica in the core of 47 Tucanane. Here, we present a subset of our main results, including: (i) the spectroscopic confirmation of three cataclysmic variables; (ii) the discovery of stripped sub-giant core in a binary system with a dark primary; (iii) the discovery of a Helium white dwarf; (iv) the discovery of a blue straggler with a white dwarf companion.