The stellar upper mass limit in the solar neighborhood

Maíz Apellániz, J.; Walborn, N. R.; Morrell, N. I.; Nelan, E. P.; Niemela, V. S.; Benaglia, P.; Sota, A.
Massive Stars: Fundamental Parameters and Circumstellar Interactions (Eds. P. Benaglia, G. L. Bosch, & C. E. Cappa) Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica (Serie de Conferencias) Vol. 33, pp. 55-55 (2008)


We are using HST GO programs 10205, 10602, and 10898 to test the stellar upper mass limit in the solar vicinity by attempting to detect optical close companions, thus lowering the calculated evolutionary masses. We have observed with ACS/HRC all the known (as of early 2005) Galactic O2/3/3.5 stars. We also have observations with HST/FGS and ground-based spectroscopy from LCO and CASLEO. Here we discuss our results for Pismis 24 and HD 93129A.