Strategies for AGN characterisation in the OTELO survey

Sánchez-Portal, M., Pérez-García, A. M., Cepa, J., Alfaro, E. J., Gallego, J., González, J. J., González-Serrano, J. I., and Castañeda, H. O.
II International GTC Workshop: Science with GTC 1st-light Instruments and the LMT (Eds. A. M. Hidalgo-Gámez, J. J. González, J. M. Rodríguez Espinosa, and S. Torres-Peimbert) Revista Mexicana de Astronomía y Astrofísica (Serie de Conferencias) Vol. 24, pp. 271-272 (2005)


We present the current status of definition of the observational and analysis strategies for the study of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) in the OTELO survey. The main goal of this project is to determine the fraction of each species of AGN and their luminosity functions.