Studying star-forming processes towards G29.862-0.044

Areal, M. B.; Paron, S.; Ortega, M. E.; Fariña, C.
eprint arXiv:1904.10914


We present a multiwavelength study towards the young stellar object (YSO) G29.862-0.044 (hereafter G29), which is embedded in the massive star-forming region G29.96-0.02, located at a distance of about 6.5 kpc. The surrounding interstellar medium of G29 is studied using molecular lines data (angular resolution about 15'') obtained from the databases of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. The physical conditions of G29 molecular outflows and the clump where the YSO is embedded are characterized. Near-IR data is also analyzed (spatial resolution of about 0.5'') obtained with NIRI at Gemini North to have a detailed view of the circumstellar ambient of G29. The Ks emission towards G29 exhibits a cone-like feature pointing to the red molecular outflow. The aim of this work is to obtain a complete picture of this YSO, the related star-forming processes, and the interstellar medium around it. Studies like this are important because they contribute to a comprehensive understanding of star formation.