A survey of molecular hydrogen emission in the Rosette Molecular Cloud

Ybarra, Jason E.; Román-Zuñíga, Carlos; Lada, Elizabeth A.; Fleming, Scott W.; Phelps, Randy L.
American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #225, #348.16 (2015).


We survey the embedded stellar clusters of the Rosette Molecular Cloud using near-infrared H2 imaging to trace the outflow activity in the cloud. Using Spitzer IRAC data we distinguish between shock excited and UV excited emission. We identify many of the driving sources of the outflows traced by H2 emission and find they are predominantly young Class I/0 protostars. Our study shows that younger clusters appear to have more outflow activity and suggests outflows play a significant role in gas removal within the clusters. J.Y. acknowledges partial support from PAPPIT-IN101813.