UBVRI light curves of AA Tau in 1995 (Bouvier+, 1999)

Bouvier, J., Chelli, A., Allain, S., Carrasco, L., Costero, R., Cruz-Gonzalez, I., Dougados, C., Fernández, M., Martin, E. L., Menard, F., Mennessier, C., Mujica, R., Recillas, E., Salas, L., Schmidt, G., and Wichmann, R.
VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/A+A/349/619. Originally published in: 1999A&A...349..619B


All photometric observations were obtained with CCD devices using UBVRI filters or a subset thereof. The Journal of Observations is given in Table 1. Near-IR measurements (Table 2) were obtained on AA Tau in the JHK filters over 6 nights encompassing part of the first fading episode and the return of the system to the bright state.

(1 data file).