UBVRIJHK photometry of Dolidze 25 (Delgado+, 2010)

Delgado, A. J.; Djupvik, A. A.; Alfaro, E. J.
VizieR On-line Data Catalog: J/A+A/509/A104. Originally published in: 2010A&A...509A.104D


Photometric color for 1673 stars in the direction of the young open cluster Dolidze 25. UBVRI CCD photometry, calibrated with previously published photoelectric values for some stars in the field, and the observations of standard fields. JHKs photometry, calibrated with matching to 2MASS data. The determination of cluster distance, reddening and age is carried out through comparison with ZAMS, post-MS and PMS isochrones. The reference lines used are obtained from theoretical post-MS and PMS isochrones from the Geneva and Yale groups, for metallicity Z=0.004, in agreement with the spectroscopic metallicity determination published for several cluster members.

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