Wide-field Infrared Polarimetry of the Ophiuchi Cloud Core

Kwon, Jungmi; Tamura, Motohide; Hough, James H.; Nakajima, Yasushi; Nishiyama, Shogo; Kusakabe, Nobuhiko; Nagata, Tetsuya; Kandori, Ryo
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, Volume 220, Issue 1, article id. 17, 16 pp. (2015).


We conducted wide and deep simultaneous JHKs-band imaging polarimetry of the ρ Ophiuchi cloud complex. Aperture polarimetry in the JHKs band was conducted for 2136 sources in all three bands, of which 322 sources have significant polarizations in all the JHKs bands and have been used for a discussion of the core magnetic fields. There is a positive correlation between degrees of polarization and H ‑ Ks color up to H ‑ Ks ≈ 3.5. The magnetic field structures in the core region are revealed up to at least AV ≈ 47 mag and are unambiguously defined in each sub-region (core) of Oph-A, Oph-B, Oph-C, Oph-E, Oph-F, and Oph-AC. Their directions, degrees of polarization, and polarization efficiencies differ but their changes are gradual; thus, the magnetic fields appear to be connected from core to core, rather than as a simple overlap of the different cloud core components. Comparing our results with the large-scale field structures obtained from previous optical polarimetric studies, we suggest that the magnetic field structures in the core were distorted by the cluster formation in this region, which may have been induced by shock compression due to wind/radiation from the Scorpius–Centaurus association.